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True beauty is never forced. It can only manifest naturally in its own onliest way.

We founded Onliest in our pursuit of creating lifestyle pieces that complements our individuality. No two souls are ever identical. We aim to break free from traditional cookie-cutter products, and add personal touches to your everyday goods.  

Some say a person’s character is shaped by their surroundings, but we believe our identities are formed from within. The inner self often facilitates a better understanding of others. It also expands the mind, and aids to cultivate our strengths. Hence, we celebrate differences among individuals and find it beautiful. 

You can only be authentic when you are the Onliest you.


The Onliest monogram is formed by intersecting lines that make up the word “only”. The logo also resembles a circular window frame. It looks out to a lush landscape, just as we strive to create pieces that act as windows and bridges to enriched souls. There is no need to look too far, for beauty stems from the inside.


In line with our vision, we specialise in custom jewelry and lifestyle products. To highlight the best qualities in each of us, we bring you exclusive designs — pieces that are luxurious and lasting, yet full of fun. Our vision is to design meaningful goods that enhance every aspect of your life, and reflect the uniqueness in you.

Be a part of our journey to discover your Onliest you.
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